Which Arnold will we see at veto time?

Which Arnold Schwarzenegger will we see when it comes time for our governor to sign or veto bills later this month?

It’s a question that environmentalists and consumer advocates–and their legislative opponents in business–are asking as we head into the end of the legislative session. There are several measures opposed by business that will likely be headed to the governor’s desk that should help answer this question.

So far, the state political establishment has seen a more conservative, business-friendly Schwarzenegger during 2005’s special election–and a more liberal, environmentally friendly governor last year after voters rejected all five of his measures.

Business groups have several key pieces of legislation they’ll be looking toward. The California Chamber of Commerce puts forward a “job-killer” list each year of bills they oppose. Of 38 bills named last year, 21 died in the Legislature and six were significantly amended. Eleven made it to the governor’s desk mostly unscathed, but nine of these were vetoed. One of the ones that wasn’t, of course, was AB 32, the global-warming bill from termed-out Assemblywoman Fran Pavley made nationwide headlines.
This year, 13 of the 29 bills called “job-killers” by the Chamber made it through. This includes AB 8, the health-care-reform plan from Assembly Speaker Fabian N

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