Letter to the Editor: 70 Percent

The majority of Americans, roughly 70%, believe that corporations and the wealthy should pay higher taxes.

A woman’s right to choose is supported by roughly 70% of Americans.

Social Security funding should continue to be funded by the government, according to 70% of Americans.

Approximately 70% of Americans support the Affordable Care Act and want


Letter to the Editor: SB 43

LETTER – Who benefits from the expanded use of conservatorships in California? Is it for-profit mental health and hospital systems Senator Eggman is trained in? Jurisdictions tired of their homeless problem?


Letter to the Editor: Offshore wind power

We are the ancient people of the California Central Coast. No other tribe nor the Northern Chumash Council, which is a non-profit organization, speaks for us. We speak on behalf of the ancestors.


Letter to the Editor: CPUC responds to commentary on Diablo Canyon

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) would like to respond to the April 4, 2022, op-ed by Californians for Green Nuclear Power in Capitol Weekly, titled, Closing Diablo Canyon spurs fears over replacement power. It is highly inaccurate to suggest that the State plans to replace Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s (PG&E) Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant mostly with Wyoming coal-fired generation. 


Letter to the Editor: Mental health care

Dear Editor: I want to commend reporter Sigrid Bathen for her thorough and excellent reporting on an issue important to so many people: providing mental health care for our loved ones. Ms. Bathen’s two-part series shined a critical light on some counties’ resistance to adopting Laura’s Law to enhance outpatient services to those with severe mental health issues.


Letter to the Editor: Rodeo injuries

I just received from the State Veterinary Medical Board copies of the rodeo injury reports from June-December 2019:  a grand total of TWO.Statistically not possible!


Letter: Live animal food markets

Letter California annually imports some two million non-native American bullfrogs and 300,000 freshwater turtles for human consumption.  All are diseased and/or parasitized, though it is illegal to sell such products. Released into local waters, the exotics prey upon and displace our native species.

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