Roz Wyman: Bringing the Dodgers to Los Angeles

Rosalind Wiener Wyman’s impact on Los Angeles is hard to overstate. “Roz” is the youngest person and only the second woman ever elected to the Los Angeles City Council. A passionate Democrat and baseball fan, she played a fundamental role in bringing the Dodgers to Los Angeles and – this may surprise you – in getting the Giants to San Francisco! She eats, breathes and sleeps politics. Patt Morrison, an award-winning Los Angeles Times columnist, author and public broadcasting personality, interviewed Wyman in February 2019 at her Los Angeles home.

Part 1: Politics, campaigns and the historic path to the Los Angeles City Council

Part 2: Sorry Brooklyn, but the Dodgers are coming to the City of Angels

Part 3: The Democratic convention – JFK, RFK and the Memorial Coliseum

This video oral history, recorded February 2019 at Wyman’s home, was made possible by a grant from the California State Library. It has been edited for clarity and continuity.

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