Californians’ safety hinges on supreme court’s ballot measure decision

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OPINION – As a nearly 30-year career firefighter, responding to countless man-made and natural disasters, I know better than most Californians how crucial stable funding is in our ability to remain fully staffed and prepared at all times. Californians count on our readiness to minimize injury, property damage and loss of life in a crisis. If a dangerous ballot initiative prevails in November, California’s public safety response will be in peril. 


Medi-Cal expansion leads the way in health care access for all

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OPINION – CHCs and primary care physicians have long served as a safety net for communities of color. For far too long, our physicians, nurses and staff have witnessed the devastating challenges our patients face to access regular care for chronic health conditions, finding specialty care doctors who accept Medi-Cal, and accessing affordable medications. 


Patients suffer at hands of insurance companies

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OPINION – There is a brewing crisis in Orange County, one where the most vulnerable — seniors with disabilities, single mothers, families living below the poverty line — have lost access to vital health care services. The focus for all involved right now must be on patients — those who are facing upheaval, worse health outcomes, farther distances to travel for care, and a much greater burden on their families. For these vulnerable Californians, their worst fears have come true.


A roadmap for meaningful climate action in 2024

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OPINION – After a big year of action in 2022, our state had some monumental wins in 2023 but also undercut this progress with actions and policies that move us in the opposite direction on environmental protection and climate leadership. In 2023, California’ took two steps forward and one step back.


CPUC should jumpstart offshore wind to meet climate goals

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OPINION – The fifth largest economy in the world, California is a climate trailblazer and the first large state to set a 100% renewable energy target. Now, stakeholders and policymakers in the state must maintain our ambition and momentum to meet this target by staying on course to bring offshore wind online in the next seven to 12 years.


Corporate landlords’ misinformation campaign to stop rent control

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OPINION – With the 2024 election just 10 months away, Californians are being flooded with misinformation about the Justice for Renters Act, a much-needed statewide ballot measure that expands rent control. To confuse and scare voters, corporate landlords and the California Apartment Association (CAA) are spreading lies to kill the initiative.


Copper recycling is critical for a green economy and the environment

Recycled copper, image by PitukTV

OPINION – Historically, “copper” pennies used to be 95 percent copper. Now they are just 2 percent. Why? Copper is now too valuable to be used to make pennies, millions of which are simply thrown away or lost by people every year due to their low cash value. Due to its high conductivity, copper is needed for renewable-energy technologies, energy-efficient systems, and sustainable infrastructure, making it essential for our societal transition to cleaner energy and reduced carbon emissions.


California PUC service quality rules won’t age well for small business innovation

Image by T. Schneider

OPINION – California is in the midst of a once-in-a-generation investment to help ensure everyone has access to broadband services, and the desire for improved connectivity is universal. However, an ongoing California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) docket on broadband service quality regulations threatens to undermine the commendable progress being made to narrow the digital divide and could impose undue costs on small businesses and consumers across the state.

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