Barbara Boxer: Liberal Firebrand

In 34 years representing the Bay Area in Congress — 10 years in the House of Representatives and 24 in the U.S. Senate — Democrat Barbara Boxer forged a reputation as a feisty liberal firebrand. In 1992, Boxer and fellow Bay Area Democrat Dianne Feinstein were swept into office in what was dubbed “The Year of the Woman,’’ making California the first state in the nation to be represented in the Senate by two women. Longtime journalist Carla Marinucci conducted a three part interview covering Boxer’s long career.

Part One.

Part Two.

Part Three.

Transcipt for Part One.

Transcript for Part Two.

Transcript for Part Three.

This oral history, recorded August 16, 2022 at the Pardee Home Museum in Oakland, California, was made possible by a grant from the California State Library. It has been edited for clarity and continuity.

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