Exit Interview: Amy Chance

Amy Chance, longtime Political Editor for the Sacramento Bee

CAPITOL WEEKLY PODCAST: Amy Chance, the longtime political editor of The Sacramento Bee, announced her retirement at the end of last month. We invited her to talk about her career, the biggest stories she’s covered, and the advice she gave to her reporters once she reached the editor’s desk.


Garry South’s Take on the June 7 Primary

CAPITOL WEEKLY PODCAST: Garry South is a celebrity among California political cognescenti; The architect of Gray Davis’ nearly 20 point win over Dan Lungren in the 1998 Governor’s race, making Davis the first Democrat to win a California gubernatorial contest in 20 years. South has been involved in numerous campaigns throughout the state, and across the country for decades. We asked for his thoughts on the recent Primary, and of course we asked Who Had the Worst Week in California Politics?


Kim Alexander: Voters, Ballots and the June 7 Primary

CAPITOL WEEKLY PODCAST: With some 22 million ballots at large, should we be worried about voter fraud? When it comes to ballots and the California election process, Kim Alexander of the California Voter Foundation is the person to talk to. She joined us to talk about the upcoming Primary and California’s Vote-by-Mail process.


Introducing the California Legislative Black Staff Association

Alchemy Graham and Cassidy Denny of the California Legislative Black Staff Association

CAPITOL WEEKLY PODCAST: Our guests this episode are newly-elected California Legislative Black Staff Association Board Chair Alchemy Graham and Vice Chair Cassidy Denny. Graham is a lobbyist with Shaw Yoder Antwih Schmelzer & Lange; Denny works in the office of Senator Nancy Skinner. We asked them about their goals for the Association, why a Black Staff Association is needed, and about their own paths to working in the capitol.


Capitol Weekly Podcast: Harmeet Dhillon on the End of Roe

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon is a prominent Republican lawyer, and a regular commenter on Fox News. She penned an Op-Ed for them last week, “The plot to destroy the Court,” that examines the leak of a draft SCOTUS decision overturning Roe v. Wade, and explores the implications of that decision. We asked her to comment on those issues and also to talk about the complexities of being a Republican who is a civil libertarian with ties to the ACLU.


Special Episode with Paul Mitchell: How Will the Overturn of Roe Affect the 2022 Elections?

Last night Politico published a bombshell report: a leaked draft of a Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 ruling that established federal abortion rights. For this Special Episode we asked Paul Mitchell, one of California’s leading political data analysts, to weigh in on the likely effects of the decision.


Capitol Weekly Podcast: Surprise MICRA compromise!

A doctor and a lawyer shake hands, an illustration of the MICRA compromise. (Photo: FocusStalker, via Shutterstock)

A new Ballot Measure to revise the longstanding MICRA cap was on track to appear on this year’s ballot until last week when legislative leaders and advocates from both sides announced that a deal had been reached. That deal is AB 35, sponsored by Assemblymember Eloise Gómez Reyes and Sen. Tom Umberg. We spoke with Umberg about AB 35, and also asked him about some confusing Redistricting news from Orange County.

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