Swimming Pools and Wildfires: the John Norwood Story

CAPITOL WEEKLY PODCAST: With nearly five decades of advocacy under his belt, there are only a handful of people who have lobbied in Sacramento longer than John Norwood. A lawyer as well as a lobbyist, Norwood has earned a reputation as a hard worker and a straight shooter. We asked him about the changes he’s seen, and the biggest challenges facing California.


Victim of a violent crime? California may have money for you.

Crime scene photo

CAPITOL WEEKLY PODCAST: In the wake of the horrific January 21 shooting that killed 11 people in Monterey Park, Gov. Newsom visited hospitalized survivors.  His conversation with one patient revealed an added stress for survivors of gun violence and other violent crime: the inability to cover expenses incurred or wages lost due to the incident.


A Look at the Career of Richard Polanco, with Dan Morain

Dan Morain and Richard Polanco; image from the Oral History.

CAPITOL WEEKLY PODCAST: Richard Polanco is the subject of a new video Oral History conducted by Journalist and author Dan Morain, who covered Polanco’s career for the Los Angeles Times. Morain joined Capitol Weekly’s Rich Ehisen and Tim Foster to talk about Polanco’s career and legacy as the man who is credited as the architect of Latino power in the capitol.


End of an era: Farewell John Howard – Hello Rich Ehisen

New Capitol Weekly editor Rich Ehisen and retiring editor John Howard in the Capitol Weekly studio.

CAPITOL WEEKLY PODCAST: This week marks a huge change at Capitol Weekly, and the end of an era in Sacramento: editor John Howard is retiring. This week John handed the baton the Rich, and the two editors sat down with Tim Foster to talk about their careers, their plans for the future.


Kevin McCarthy, Speaker? The View From DC

WASHINGTON, DC - NOVEMBER 29,2022: U.S. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) speaks to the media following a meeting with U.S. President Joe Biden at the White House. Photo by Shirley Preston, Shutterstock.

CAPITOL WEEKLY PODCAST: High drama prevails in Washington DC this week, where GOP Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy has narrowly lost thirteen votes for the Speakership, beating a record that went back to before the Civil War. We’re joined today by Carl Cannon, the Washington Editor of RealClearPolitics and former White House correspondent for the National Journal. Carl knows DC and California politics inside and out and gives us his view of what to expect and what to watch as this historic Speakership battle unfolds.


The biggest California political news stories of 2022

Photo from Shutterstock

CAPITOL WEEKLY PODCAST: Podcast hosts John Howard and Tim Foster talk about the biggest California political news stories of the past year – the secret tapes of several Los Angeles City Council members, housing and homelessness, the November elections and more. Plus, they tell you who had the Worst Week in California Politics.


Prop. 30 tanked – What next for clean air efforts?

CAPITOL WEEKLY PODCAST: Proposition 30, the ambitious plan to combat wildfires and fund EV infrastructure throughout the state by taxing California’s wealthiest citizens failed at the ballot box in November. Early polls found broad support for the measure, but a strong opposition campaign led by Gov. Newsom and the CTA turned the tide and ultimately derailed the measure. We spoke with Bill Magavern, Policy Director of the Coalition for Clean Air, and an author of Prop. 30, about efforts to combat pollution and climate change in the wake of Proposition 30’s defeat.


Meet the Newbies: Assemblyman Josh Hoover

CAPITOL WEEKLY PODCAST: With the results of the November election now finalized, 30% of California legislators are newcomers to their offices. Assemblyman Josh Hoover, (R) turned AD7 red, flipping a Sacramento area seat that had voted for Democrat Ken Cooley for four terms. We sat down with Hoover to talk about his legislative priorities (one of which is to scale back the renovation of the Capitol Annex, a project spearheaded by his AD 7 predecessor) including his interest in education, and ideas for addressing the homeless crisis.


Exit Interview: AP photographer Rich Pedroncelli calls it a day

in Sacramento, Calif., Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2022. (AP Photo/=0eb60eName=)Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

CAPITOL WEEKLY PODCAST: From killers to governors, longtime Associated Press Photographer Rich Pedroncelli has photographed just about every other prominent person to make an appearance in California’s capitol city. Now, after over three decades behind the lens, he is hanging up his press pass.


Behind the Scenes of the Bass campaign, with political strategist Doug Herman

CAPITOL WEEKLY PODCAST: Billionaire developer Rick Caruso emerged from the Los Angeles mayor’s race primary as the only serious contender to the frontrunner, Congresswoman Karen Bass. We’re joined today by Doug Herman of The Strategy Group. Doug was inside the Bass campaign and helped build an effective strategy to compete successfully against a brutal eleven-to-one spending disparity.

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