Capitol Weekly Podcast: LA County Supervisor Holly Mitchell

Former state Sen. Holly J. Mitchell was elected last year to a seat on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, representing District 2 – the same district in which she was born and raised. Term limits have turned the traditional local government-to-Legislature pipeline on its head, as has the stratospheric growth of LA: As a supervisor in a county of 10 million people, Mitchell represents twice as many constituents as she once did in the state Senate.


Capitol Weekly Podcast: Jeff Kightlinger

Regional Recycled Water Advanced Purification Center Grand Opening 10, Oct 2019

In this episode John Howard and Tim Foster welcomed the longtime but soon-to-be-retired Metropolitan Water District of Southern California head honcho Jeff Kightlinger for a wide-ranging discussion that covered the status of the Delta Tunnel Project, climate change and the snow survey, the drought, working from home, jukeboxes and his punk rock roots.


Capitol Weekly Podcast: Bill Wong

Veteran political strategist Bill Wong has been a longtime leader in California’s Asian Pacific Islander political community, and is a recognized expert on AAPI voters. While Wong should have been celebrating last week’s appointment of Rob Bonta as California Attorney General – the first Filipino American to hold the office – he was instead dealing with the fallout of a nationwide spree of racially-motivated attacks, culminating in a mass shooting in Georgia that claimed the lives of six Asian women.


Capitol Weekly Podcast: Garry South on the Recall effort

Democratic political strategist Garry South joined Capitol Weekly’s John Howard and Tim Foster to talk about the potential recall of Governor Gavin Newsom. South is uniquely positioned to weigh in on the subject: he headed Governor Gray Davis’ 1998 and 2002 gubernatorial campaigns, and ran Gavin Newsom’s first campaign for Governor back in 2009.


Capitol Weekly Podcast: Esther Aguilera

California has a diversity problem on its corporate boards. For Latinos, the statistics are particularly shocking: while they make up close to 40% of California’s population, Latinos hold less than 3% of these board seats. Esther Aguilera of the Latino Corporate Directors Association joins Capitol Weekly’s John Howard and Tim Foster to talk about why this matters and what her group is doing to help diversify the state’s business leadership.


Capitol Weekly Podcast: The Future of Work

Over the last four weeks Capitol Weekly presented a series of live panel discussions and presentations on Zoom, examining the topic “The Future of Work.”

The battles over the Dynamex decision, AB5 and Proposition 22 reveal an uncertain landscape for working people in California. Priced out of the nation’s most expensive housing market, some workers are choosing to leave the state. Manufacturing, once a mainstay of good-paying jobs in California, is in deep decline. Gig work is booming – but is it sustainable? And, a year-long pandemic has devastated many industries – how will they come back?  What is the Future of Work – and workers – in the Golden State?


Capitol Weekly Podcast: No Political Data Inc. for Republicans

Political Data Inc., for 30 years the state’s largest provider of voter information to political campaigns, consultants and pollsters, announced last week that they would no longer work with Republican clients. PDI data guru Paul Mitchell joins us to talk about the decision, and what that will mean for the company – and also reacts to the announcement that census data will be coming in later than expected.


Capitol Weekly Podcast: Delaine Eastin

Today’s episode features Delaine Eastin, former Chair of the Assembly Education Committee, two term Superintendent of Public Instruction and now, candidate for California Democratic Party Chair. Eastin joins us to make the case for her campaign, and weighs in on the debate over reopening schools, arguing that it not only needs to happen, it needs to happen as fast as possible.


Capitol Weekly Podcast: Daniel Zingale

Daniel Zingale retired from the Governor’s office one year ago this week, stepping back from a four decade career in politics that began during Jerry Brown’s first run as governor. Now happily ensconced in a cabin in the Gold Country, he joined us to talk about the past year and to look back on a remarkable career that included stints in four gubernatorial administrations.

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