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California may not be in play in the November presidential election, but that doesn’t mean that some Californians can’t play in the election. Sure, sure, we all know that Steve Schmidt is engineering the John McCain comeback. But he’s not the only one who’s out to have a little fun this fall. GOP consultant Sal Russo is also getting in on the act, using so-called 527 ads funded by his Our Country Deserves Better PAC. The PAC and its chairman, former Assemblyman Howard Kaloogian, have hit the airwaves with a new ad attacking Barack Obama for not placing his hand over his heart during the pledge of allegiance, showing posters of Che Guevarra in one of his campaign offices, and digging up footage one of Rev. Jerimiah Wright’s famously inflamatory sermons. A release from the PAC said the ad will air in several swing states…Speaking of political support, we’ve all read about Laura Richardson’s continuing Sacramento real estate problems. Her house slipped into foreclosure and sold at auction, but the sale of the property was rescinded and the house returned to
Ricahrdson. Well, the house has since been deemed a nuisance by the city, as maintenance has fallen behind and the house remains abandoned. And though the lawn has gone to weeds, and the house is still in need of some TLC, the house does have a Kevin Johnson for Mayor lawn sign in front. No wonder City Hall is cracking down…

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