The Skinny

It’s baaaack …The deal that never dies is getting ready to rear it’s head again. With the birth of a new session, there is once again talk of a deal that would include a term-limits extension and redistricting reform. And it will all start, we’re told, with a plan to move up the presidential primary from June to March. Here’s how it would work: The Legislature will introduce a measure to move the state’s presidential primary from June to March. But the measure will leave the legislative and congressional primaries in June. Once that is signed into law, there will be a proposal to change the state’s term limits and redistricting plans, placed on the ballot by the Legislature. But because the presidential primary will now be in March 2008, that will be when voters vote on the term limits change. Why is that significant? Because it allows existing members who are termed out–people like Speaker Fabian N

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