Last week marked the annual End-of-Session Block Party, where most of the offices around the Capitol put out lots of good eats to mark the looming end of the legislative year. But culinary delights weren’t the only attractions: There was a behind-the-scenes tiff over a pair of offices that offered booze instead. This is apparently frowned on by at least some in the Capitol, although we’re not sure why. But the teetotalers say, first, that at any given time, there are lots of under-age people running around the Capitol and, second, that drinking during business hours is a no-no. Obviously, they’ve never heard of reporters or some of those staffers in the LOB. We asked that guru of the grape Big Daddy what he thought about drinking booze in the Capitol and as soon as he stopped spinning in his grave, he told us to beat it. But it might help explain why we keep having late budgets. Anyway, we’ve also been assured by those close to the situation that the booze was well-guarded at all times. And in case anyone’s wondering, we’re volunteering to do that job next year…

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