Political Fortune: Warren Beatty

Warren Beatty, the Hollywood actor-director with an eye on politics, was
born March 30, 1937, at 5:30 pm, in Richmond, Virginia. Virgo is ascending
in his astrology chart, which means he is refined, neat in appearance and
has a very analytical mind that pays close attention to detail. He is
well-received by others. The Sun and Mercury are in the sign of Aries, which
tells me Mr. Beatty is a good leader who is ambitious and speaks his mind.
Venus and Uranus in Taurus contributed to the many love affairs for which he
is notorious–and which also give his relationships a crash-and-burn quality.
Mars in Sagittarius says he loves his freedom–and I’m sure his love
interests felt it.

Warren Beatty was born with Saturn in Pisces in the sixth house and Neptune
in Virgo in the 12th house. One house (the sixth) relates to health and
being of service to others; the other house (12th) represents secrecy,
hospitals, seclusion, and restraint. The combination of the houses, signs
and planets suggest to me that he feels he was born to serve mankind in some
way. I feel he was a physician in a past lifetime and that he may have had a
problem with his own health, or someone he is close to in this lifetime had
a health problem.

Financially and emotionally, things currently are hectic for him because of
the difficult aspects between Mars and Saturn. He might be trying to get
funds for a project he’s interested in and feel like he is hitting a wall.
On Feb. 17, 2006, Mars will move out of Taurus and stop being so chaotic.
Then, Jupiter will have a chance to mend fences and offer some really good
aspects for money matters. Jupiter hasn’t been in this position of his
chart for 10 years.

As for political aspirations, Warren Beatty’s chart doesn’t feel right for
the political arena or limelight. This man likes his privacy. Saturn will
transit into Warren’s 12th house in approximately 18 months. Again, this is
the house of secrecy, seclusion and restraint, and is normally a time of
healing or recuperating, not necessarily a time to take a strong role
politically. Saturn will be there for a couple of years, however, and his
interests could turn to budgets, travel or trade, and crime.

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