Political Fortune: Mark Leno

NAME: Mark Leno
JOB: Assemblyman
DOB: September 24, 1951
PLACE: Milwaukee, WI
SIGN: Libra

Three themes stand out in Mark Leno’s birth chart. The first and foremost
involves his sun, Saturn and Neptune in Libra in the seventh house of Libra.

This gives him the power to mediate between opposing factions in the
Assembly by using tact, diplomacy and the ability to create a cooperative
atmosphere, especially since Venus, ruler of Libra, has all harmonious
aspects in his chart. He has the ability to clearly see both sides of an
issue and to help competing groups establish compromise, even though he may
be too expansive at times (afflicted Jupiter).

The second theme involves his moon, ruling the home, in Cancer, also ruling
the home, in the fourth house, also ruling the home. This unusual placement
makes him sensitive, emotional and imaginative, adding to his communicative
abilities and sense of justice (sun in Libra). Politically, he is inclined
to be concerned with issues involving the home and domesticity, as well as
issues that make our homeland more secure, especially as the moon has
primarily positive aspects.

The third theme involves Mercury, ruling the reasoning mind, in its own
sign, Virgo, in the sixth house. As the sixth house rules health and also
the common man, he is naturally inclined to initiate social-reform
legislation, involving health issues on a broad scale, and issues improving
the lot of the common man. If he has not dealt with these themes to date, he
is the go-to-guy for these types of activities.

Mr. Leno has chosen the right profession, as Jupiter, ruling politicians,
rises on the eastern horizon (the strongest planetary position). Jupiter is
also his strongest planet: He is outgoing, enthusiastic, sociable and
expansive, especially as his rising sign is Aries. However, he is atypical
for a politician in some ways, as the sun conjuncts Saturn, making him a
deep thinker and one who needs time alone to establish inner harmony,
especially as he has nine of his 10 planets below the horizon, emphasizing
the need to avoid the maddening crowd on occasion to concentrate on domestic

Another of his natural abilities is the power to initiate new legislation,
because seven of his 10 planets are in cardinal (initiatory) signs. He has
the special ability to produce results by dealing one-on-one with other
legislators (Libra influence) to attain his ends, although Mercury conjunct
Venus gives him the power to articulate in front of groups. With nine of his
10 planets on the right side of his chart, he thrives best as a team player
(as opposed to someone who works primarily on their own). Jupiter rising,
two planets in Leo, and the sun in an angle makes him a natural leader.

He has Mercury, ruling the reasoning mind, in very close sextile to Uranus,
making him an independent thinker, one not likely to follow the crowd
without making up his own mind first. Nevertheless, Uranus in his chart is
primarily afflicted, indicating that he must be careful not to be too

Jupiter, ruler of his ascendant, also has many stress aspects, especially an
opposition to his sun. This suggests that he ought to seek advice from
others on personal and political decisions as his judgment without input may
not be as accurate as decisions made with partners and legislative
committees. These aspects may also incline him to be too expansive at times
in a way that may not be in his best interests.

Had he not chosen politics as a career, he would have done well in public
relations, teaching or mediating.

This coming year he has transiting Neptune trine natal Neptune. Thus, this
is a good time for meditation and other spiritual practices to give him
creative ideas for legislation, especially as Neptune, ruling spirituality,
is strong in his birth chart. Transiting Pluto trine natal Mars indicates
that this is a good time for greater initiative and leadership on his part,
especially as both planets have all positive aspects in his natal chart.

David Jones has practiced astrology for 25 years. He teaches evening
classes in astrology at Bucks County Community College near Philadelphia. He
has published more than 20 articles on astrological theory in such astrology
journals as Aspects Magazine and Mountain Astrologer.

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