Political Fortune: Katherine McLane

NAME: Katherine McLane
JOB: Deputy Press Secretary, Office of Governor Arnold
DOB: September 24, 1971
PLACE: Muenster, Germany
SIGN: Libra

Katherine McLane evidently has chosen the right profession, as her sun
(ruling her character) and Mercury (ruling her mind) are both in the ninth
house (ruling law and politics). Her career would be especially important to
her, as eight of her 10 planets are above the horizon and her two strongest
planets, Venus and Uranus, are in the tenth house of occupation. She has the
strongest possible indicator of occupational success, as both her Venus and
Uranus have many aspects that are all positive.

She has the sun in Libra, which makes her refined, outgoing, appreciative of
beauty, sociable, urbane, tactful and diplomatic; especially as Venus, ruler
of Libra, has all positive aspects. With four planets in Libra, she has the
ability to see both sides of a political question and the power to mediate
the differences, especially as the sun is conjunct to Venus, bringing good
fortune to her through tact and diplomatic communication.

She is a born communicator with six of her 10 planets in air (communicative)
signs, especially as she has planets in all three air signs: Libra, Gemini
and Aquarius. The sun conjunct to her Mercury (also ruling communications)
adds to this power, especially as the planet has all positive aspects.

Although she is more independent than most (strong Uranus), she empowers
herself and others best by working as a team member (sun plus three other
planets in Libra) and for an employer (three planets in the eleventh house
of group work activity).

She is emotionally expansive with the Sun sextile to Jupiter by just one
degree and outgoing (many positive Jupiter aspects) and can be very
assertive (many positive Mars aspects), especially in a crisis (Mars trine

Though she is naturally enthusiastic and diplomatic (strong Libra and
Venus), she has a deeper side. With the moon in Scorpio and the sun in
almost exact conjunction with Pluto, co-ruler of Scorpio, she is analytical
(especially with Mercury in Virgo), good at strategy and perceptive, with
the ability to probe to the heart of a political problem. This position also
inclines toward intensity, determination and idealism.

Her idealism is shown in other ways. With the sun in exact sextile to
Neptune (ruling idealism), and with all but one positive aspect to both
planets, she is naturally inclined to have high ideals, especially as
Neptune is also in positive aspect to the moon (also making her emotionally

She is naturally drawn toward those in power or toward personal power, as
Pluto, the planet ruling power, is conjunct the sun almost exactly, and is
also conjunct to Mercury and Venus. As these planets are all positive, the
implication is that this drive for power manifests positively, especially as
Mars in Aquarius indicates the desire for a social system that is fair and
equitable for all.

Her challenges are most likely due to Saturn aspects (Saturn rules her
ascendant and thus her personality). Mercury is in square (difficult) aspect
to Saturn, implying that if she isn’t careful, her thinking may become too
rigid, stubborn or conservative. With Saturn conjunct the moon (ruling the
emotions) she may be subject to depression if life doesn’t go her way. She
may also be too forceful at times with the moon in Scorpio square Mars. She
ought to be careful not to work too hard (Saturn opposed to Jupiter),
especially as she has three oppositions (very difficult aspects) from her
fifth house of pleasure to her eleventh house of group-work activity,
implying the necessity to make constant choices involving both houses, even
though she is naturally a hard worker (Mars trine Saturn).

If Ms. McLane had chosen another field of endeavor, she probably would have
excelled as a teacher (ninth house emphasis), therapist (Uranus and Pluto
strong), or in any art field in which beauty plays a major role (very strong

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