Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I read your informative article, “Marin Assembly seat up for grabs” (Capitol
Weekly; March 30, 2006). Thank you. I am concerned, though, that you said so
little about John Alden, and this is not only doing him a disservice, but
the public as well: Alden is running a campaign based on integrity. While
you state that he has about one-tenth the amount of money to spend as other
candidates, you made no mention of the fact that Alden is not accepting
contributions from corporations, and is going to make this a law should he
be elected. Why would you omit such an important detail? People in blogs
have expressed repeated concern that special interests buy our politicians.

I don’t care how much experience a candidate has in public office as much as
I care for their concern for civil rights and the environment. John Alden
cares for both. John Alden, as a public-protection attorney in private
practice, is concerned with environmental-toxin clean-up. As a former deputy
district attorney, he worked on domestic-abuse cases. And as an Assembly
policy analyst, he certainly has an understanding of matters at stake.
Because of this and his background as attorney, I personally have every bit
as much faith in his legislative abilities as any candidate claiming to have
the upper hand on anyone else.

Please write another article giving Alden the toot he deserves. I certainly
hope that you were not simply touting those who happen to have money!

Drina Brooke,
concerned citizen
[not connected to the Alden campaign or personally with Alden]

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