Increasing affordability and access: key to California’s health-care solution

The key to California’s health-care solution is to increase access and affordability. I am open to many reasonable solutions on how to solve these problems, but believe that we must not embrace systems that either have failed or been rejected by California voters.
First, as we discuss solutions to improve our health-care system, we need to know which segment of the uninsured population actually has access to health-care coverage and which does not.
Of the estimated six million Californians who are said to be uninsured, less than half actually do not have access to health-care coverage. Many Californians are eligible for Medi-Cal or Healthy Families but do not participate, while other Californians are offered health insurance by their employer and turn it down. These individuals clearly have health-care coverage access. And of course there are millions of illegal immigrants who are also counted as uninsured.
So when we break down the numbers of the uninsured we see the number considerably shrinks with respect to who has access to health-care coverage. I believe that we need to work with real facts and the facts are that most Californians do have access to health-care coverage. However, I do believe we need to improve the affordability of our health-care system.
In Capitol Weekly last week, Assembly Speaker Fabian N

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