Experts Expound

Experts Expound

“On to November: Brown vs. Whitman, Fiorina vs. Boxer. Who wins what – and why?”

Whitman and Fiorina because it’s the year of the woman – and voters are ready for a change.

Brown and Boxer – call them the B Team – win. Mainly because Republicans just always seem to think they’re talking to Iowans instead of Californians. They’re tone deaf to the nuances of California communication.

Fiorina wins by running the “don’t call me ma’am” video clip every hour on the hour on TV.  Brown wins because the public employee unions will make sure of it, by any means necessary.

Whitman’s worst nightmare was never losing to Poizner – it was having to roll hard right. Luckily, she has another $70 million to reposition herself.

No clue today if she can beat Brown. Fiorina came on strong late in the game, she can’t do that in the General – she has to start building now. Boxer could benefit by a lift in the economy.

Boxer wins – thanks to Rose K., again, and because she’s a relentless campaigner. Whitman: 6-5 over Brown. It’ll be close, but she’s got the money. No matter what labor comes up with, she’ll top it. Goldman Sachs is a wild card, though, and so are the debates.

Brown beats Whitman ONLY if he hires really, really, really expensive consultants who recommend he sticks to concise and contrived message points.

Whitman and Boxer. Jerry Brown is yesterday’s news while Fiorina’s anti-choice, poor CEO performance, and Sarah Palin’s embrace are yesterday’s views.

You can’t handicap the governor’s race at this moment; too many moving parts and Meg’s bottomless wallet create a true fog of war. Boxer, however, beats Fiorina. Boxer isn’t the most respected politician in California, but she’s a tough campaigner who will exploit every inch of her opponent’s baggage. If Democrats are smart, the only thing voters will remember about Fiorina come November is that she thinks it’s OK to sell guns and explosives to people on the “no fly” list. This is a moderate state, but it ain’t THAT moderate.

Brown and Boxer. Campbell coulda beat Boxer, but the CA GOP would rather be right wing than in office.

Andrew Acosta, A.G. Block, Mark Bogetich, Barry Brokaw, Morgan Crinklaw, J Dale Debber, Peter DeMarco, Mike Donovan, Jim Evans, Kathy Fairbanks, Jeff Fuller, Rex Frazier, Ken Gibson, Evan Goldberg, Deborah Gonzalez, Sandy Harrison, Bob Hertzberg, Jason Kinney, Greg Lucas, Mike Madrid, Nicole Mahrt, Steve Maviglio,  Adam Mendelsohn, Barbara O’Connor, Bill Packer, Kassy Perry, Jack Pitney, Adam Probolsky, Tony Quinn, Matt Rexroad, Matt Ross, Roger Salazar, Dan Schnur, Will Shuck, Ralph Simoni, Sam Sorich, Ray Sotero, Garry South,

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