Experts Expound

Experts Expound

<b>Today’s Capitol Weekly lists the salaries of the Assembly and Senate staff
members. About 200 staff members earn $100,000 annually or more. Do you
think the Legislature’s staffers are overpaid?
Do you think they are underpaid?</b>

"Some are underpaid, particularly at the mid-level. But 200 staffers at
$100,000 is excessive. It’s a prime example of how disconnected the
Legislature is from the lives of average Californians."

"Like any other business, it seems like those that do the most work make the
least, and vice versa. The real crime is that Republicans traditionally
make less than Democrats."

"The Goldilocks Theory applies inside the Capitol, just as it does in the
private sector. There are some very talented people who are grossly
underpaid, some highly overrated people who make more than they should, and
the rest whose salaries are just about right."

"When there was a Republican majority, we capped staff salaries at

"That’s a lot of scratch for the work product that comes out of that

"What is the return on that investment for the people of California? You
have a group of state employees who get a third of the year off and leave at
5 pm?"

"For putting up with all the bullshit in those offices, they are probably

"Do you know how hard it is to attract competent people into the legislative
branch of state government? And just this week it was reported that a family
of 4 requires $70,000 a year to survive."

"Some are overpaid, but some should receive hazard pay because of the crap
they have to put with."

"I am underpaid and everyone else is overpaid. But seriously, while the
Legislature pays its staff better than most nonprofits or newspapers do,
most legislative staffers could earn more money in the private sector.
Legislative staff salaries also include an element of risk premium because
of the inherent instability of their jobs. Legislative staff are hired on an
at-will basis and can be fired at any time with or without cause, and term
limits make it hard for staff to plan long-term careers."

"Although I have studied legislative staff salaries in years past, I still
was stunned to see that 200 members of the staff are up to six figures. Some
comparison with past years is in order. And the answer to both

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