Experts Expound

Experts Expound

What impact will the health care debate have on California’s elections this year? Is this a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing, or does health care trump all issues in the statewide and legislative races?

Outrage over the healthcare railroading will drive Republicans to the polls and benefit Republicans on the ballot.

From what I read – the health care system is fixed.  Moving on…

Health care will have faded by November, likely replaced by a new brawl over financial markets. If Republicans threaten a similar gridlock over efforts to rein in Wall Street, their performance in both debates will have a significant impact on the election — to the detriment of the GOP.

The health issue matters, but the overall state of the economy matters a heck of a lot more.

Not a game changer but great fodder for GOP candidates.

A lot of heat from the health care debate, but not much light. The debate in Washington is seen here as a fight in Congress. What matters in California is the economy. Everything comes down to the economy. Whoever articulates that message the best wins the race.

It will be an anchor weighing down candidates who supported the reform unless the economy rebounds by November. After all what good is healthcare to working class Americans who cannot find a job?

I am betting the Reps are in for a big letdown on healthcare. The people are going to like it when they see and feel its component parts…and they will, starting shortly.

I think the electorate will deem the health-care issue to have been handled by the federal government and focus on the fiscal crisis facing the State of California in the state election….
It will be all jobs all the time. Health Care will produce some and usa Today’s poll today says that polls approving the health care bill are going upward.

Short answer: None whatsoever. It’s a federal issue, and the governor’s race will focus on other matters, while the Senate race will be more about incumbency than anything else.

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