Big Daddy

Dear Big Daddy

Dear Deja Veto,

Cuter than Bill Murray, huh? Big deal. Even Big Daddy may have been cuter than Bill Murray. Unfortunately, I’m also deader, which probably gives him an edge with the ladies.

But on to your question. Let’s just say if you’re tired of the same crap coming at you all over again, you probably won’t last too long under the dome. The same crap over and over again is the gift that keeps on giving, paycheck after paycheck. Why do you think Big Daddy gave you a full-time Legislature (read: your job)? Precisely so we could argue about the same crap over and over again. If politics were quick and simple, Big Daddy probably would have ended up as the best darn life insurance-salesman ever. I shudder to think.

Why do they play a World Series year after year? Wasn’t the last one perfectly good? Or even the national the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest, even when that Chihuahua-meets-alien-mutt kept winning every year? It’s all about the game my friend. You gotta love the game.

And guess what? When you wake up tomorrow, Sharon Runner and Mark Leno still probably will have very different ideas about how our government should work–as will the right-wing nutjobs and Communist Party animals who elected them.
Politics is a process. Young whippersnappers like Nicole Parra are serving with someone who served with someone who served with someone in an unbroken line all the way back to those dead white guys with weird facial hair you see in those paintings all over the walls. When construction began on our fair dome, women couldn’t vote, slavery was legal in much of the country and gay still meant “happy.”

Still think nothing changes? Tell me that in 20 years when you’re writing analyses on Medi-Cal marijuana and transcendental adoption–all while you’re bidding your time until you can cash out your fat CalPERS account and move to Reno. That is, unless you decide you can’t stand the same crap over and over.
BD correction: It has been pointed out that Big Daddy lost to Reagan in the Gipper’s re-election campaign, not his first time out. Big Daddy blames posthumous dementia. It’s a real and growing problem. I hear Sheila Kuehl has a bill on it.

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