Capitol Weekly Podcast: Robb Korinke looking for “the Fishhook”

Today’s guest is Robb Korinke, who turned heads in August with a data-driven pushback on the pundit-driven panic driving Democrats to despair regarding the governor’s odds in the Recall. Korinke’s projection that Gov. Newsom would win, and win handily, was not only correct, but actually underestimated the size of the groundswell to keep him in office. Korinke leads GrassrootsLab’s client activities in Southern California, and specializes in state and local government, open data and transparency issues, digital communications and community engagement. He is also the Editor of CaliforniaCityNews.org and CaliforniaCountyNews.org, a position which came in very handy when it came time to choose who had the Worst Week in California Politics…. or, as Korinke puts it: “the most bananas political story in the state, bar none.”

Show Notes:

:45 Let’s talk about the Recall
2:08 The math
6:09 Is it time to change the Recall process?
11:24 The problem with the press
15:39 Urban vs. rural
16:42 What happened to “the Fishhook?”
20:46 “Is this people turning on Democrats?”
26:35 The #WorstWeekCA

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