Capitol Trivia

1. (Vivian Bronshvag, a Kentfield Republican, who served in the Assembly from 1993 to 1995. She quickly got the nickname “Duchess” from the sergeants at arms, who were not happy with her imperious manner. She soon became known as the “Flying Duchess” because of the numerous traffic tickets she got while commuting to her Marin County district.) 2. (Former Assemblyman and San Francisco Mayor Art Agnos. Two bearded newsies, John Howard and Virgil Meibert, were spared.) 3. (Willie L. Brown Jr., later head of the Assembly Ways and Means Committee, Speaker of the Assembly, Mayor of San Francisco and mentor to two generations of politicians in both major parties). 4. (The late Pete Knight of Lancaster, a Republican and world-class test pilot, who still holds the world speed record of Mach 6.7, or 4,520 miles per hour, set on Oct. 3, 1967. Knight was flying an X-15A-2. Four months earlier, in June 1967, the electrical and computer systems on an X15 that Knight was piloting malfunctioned. Knight brought the craft down from 173,000 feet and landed in Mud Lake, Nevada. For that feat, he won the Distinguished Flying Cross. Democrats who disliked Knight’s conservative and anti-gay politics grumbled that he had flown too high without a helmet.) 5. (Former state Controller Kathleen Connell).
6. (Former state School Superintendent Bill Honig).

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