Capitol Trivia

1. What is the Pink Palace?
2. Who was Thomas Dewey’s running mate when he narrowly lost to Harry
Truman in 1948?
3. Which late curmudgeonly senator finished 40th in the “Mr.
Conviviality” category of the California Journal’s awards issue in 1990?
4. Who defeated Richard Nixon in 1962, prompting Nixon to declare to
reporters, “You won’t have Dick Nixon to kick around”?
5. Who succeeded Pete Wilson as U.S. senator after Wilson was elected
governor in 1990?
6. Who nearly defeated incumbent U.S. Senator Alan Cranston in 1986?
7. What former politician had his local talk show cancelled to make way
for Hee Haw?
8. Who was the last state senator to represent all of Los Angeles
County before the 1966 redistricting?
9. Who did Frank Merriam defeat in his race for California governor?

1. The room on the little-known 5th floor of the restored wing of the
Capitol that houses some of the Senate policy staff. 2. California Gov. Earl
Warren. 3. Leroy Greene. 4. Pat Brown. 5. John Seymour, who was appointed
by Wilson himself 6. Ed Zschau 7. Former Los Angeles Mayor Sam Yorty. 8.
Tom Rees 9. Upton Sinclair.

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