Bridging the information gap between tribes and the rest of California

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California is home to about 100 Native American reservations, located from rural areas to highly populated cities like Sacramento and San Diego. To a lay person, there’s often very little to visually distinguish these territories from the rest of California. But practically and legally, these reservations often operate like islands or even totally separate countries.


California is ignoring one path to fixing our housing crisis

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OPINION – California’s housing affordability crisis isn’t getting better. And outdated ways of thinking have caused us to neglect one possible path toward fixing it.

Rents and home sale prices remain at historically high levels and home prices have only eased because soaring interest rates have added to the affordability crunch, leaving prospective buyers no better


The State of Black Health; Plus, Worst Week: Suspense File Edition

Rhonda Smith of the California black Health Network

CAPITOL WEEKLY PODCAST: Got a two-fer this week: First we speak with Rhonda Smith, the Executive Director of the California Black Health Network. Smith discussed the state of Black health in California, including a look at how the Fentanyl crisis is impacting the Black community. Next up, we bring you an expanded “Suspense File” edition of our Who Had the Worst Week in California Politics feature with guest Mackenzie Mays, a reporter for the Los Angeles Times.

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