Dianne Feinstein: A remembrance

Dianne Feinstein, image courtesy of AP

There are people who believe Feinstein’s legacy will come down to her final few years in office, when she became frail, sometimes confused, and suffered from memory issues. Those people don’t know Dianne Feinstein. She is much more than a footnote.

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Rising Stars: Kapri Walker, office of Sen. Nancy Skinner

Kapri Walker, photo by Scott Duncan Photography

Born and raised in an exceptionally close family in sunny San Diego, Kapri Walker was initially hesitant to take the leap and begin building career roots in Sacramento. But our latest Capitol Weekly Rising Star couldn’t pass up the opportunity to return after her Capitol Fellowship position ended and she was offered a job as a legislative aide in Sen. Nancy Skinner’s office (D-Oakland).


The State of the California GOP, with Mike Madrid

PODCAST: The California Republican Party Convention kicks off Friday in Anaheim with a luncheon featuring former president and current GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump. So, what to expect? We asked Mike Madrid, a longtime Republican strategist and expert on Latino politics who denounced the party’s embrace of Trumpism in 2016. He joined us to talk about the state of the state Republican Party and about where the Republican Party is nationally.


Because of inequitable maternity care, I was afraid

Image by zulufoto

OPINION – When I delivered my children in 2016 and 2018, I was afraid. I was there as a patient, but as a physician, I knew the data. When I put on that hospital gown, I was another Black woman at high risk for a bad outcome in maternity care.


DC and Sacramento: don’t discard my digital American Dream

Amreican Dream, image by Yuganov Konstantin

OPINION – App platforms provide huge audience reach, consistency and reliability, and protect consumers’ data. Digital advertising platforms help us affordably reach key audiences so we add new customers. If platforms are significantly disrupted by the government, it would be very difficult for app-based companies to expand to new markets and grow.

Experts Expound

Experts Expound: The impact of crime rates on future elections

Crime rate symbol, image by Dmitry Demidovich

From fentanyl to smash-and-grabs, crime has been a big issue around the California Capitol this year. But will rising crime – or even the perception of rising crime rates – cause Democrats political pain? We asked our experts to weigh in.

Micheli Files

California legislation and the single subject rule

Chris Micheli photo by Scott Duncan

Many Capitol observers are aware of the single subject rule. Some know that the California Constitution, in Article II, Section 8(d), provides that “an initiative measure embracing more than one subject may not be submitted to the electors or have any effect.” But does a similar rule exist for bills considered by the California Legislature?


Signing AB 1167 will cement Gavin Newsom’s climate leadership status

Image by Nicole Glass Photography

OPINION – When Gov. Newsom announced last week that California was suing five major oil companies and an industry trade group for alleged climate damages, he sent an unmistakable message to businesses that pollute our environment: You can no longer wreck our climate or damage public health for profit with impunity, and you will have to pay for the damage you cause.


The story of Bob Lytle, the most infamous figure in California gaming you’ve never heard of

Blackjack, image by 18percentgrey

In the annals of California gaming history, there is perhaps no more infamous and consequential figure than Bob Lytle, who directly shaped California’s current gambling landscape right before he retired from the Attorney General’s office to go work for a cardroom – a cardroom where he was later investigated and ultimately lost his gaming license.

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