What would an Obama administration bring?

When I worked at the California ISO during the California Energy Crisis of 2000-01, the skilled engineers there gave me a great education about how California's and the nation's electricity system works. But the more important lesson they taught me was about contingency planning. Contingency planning means that you must be prepared for any and all situations and have plans in place to resolve those situations.

With that in mind, it not unreasonable for Republicans to develop some contingency plans to deal with what would come under a Democratic President and an overwhelming Democratic majority in Congress.

And while never conceding defeat before the votes have been counted, prudence dictates that one must prepare for any and all possible contingencies.

Today's piece will focus on what we might expect from and Obama Administration and the Reid-Pelosi Congress in the first 100 Days. Here are a few things to watch early next year.

Card check for unions – The unions are spending millions to elect Obama and more Democrats to the House and Senate. They are not doing this for any reason other than increasing their electoral power and push their Euro Democrat agenda. While union membership has declined over the years they now see a chance to increase their membership and break into places where they have been unsuccessful at organizing. Think Wal-Mart.

Card check will abandon decades-old principles of union organizing and take away a fundamental American right that allows workers to say yes or no to union membership via a secret ballot. Workers will be forced to sign a card and union organizers will know who said yes and who said no. For those who vote no, pressure will be applied by the union and many will find the pressure and intimidation too much and end up voting yes.

It passed the House last year and with an increased Democratic Senate majority, its chances of quick passage would be enhanced greatly. If it passes, be prepared for increased aggressive union tactics to quickly take advantage of this new law and swell their membership rolls.

Change in Bankruptcy Laws – When the vote for the first $750 bailout came to the floor of the House, it failed by 13 votes, Democrats and their "amen corner" in the media were quick to blame Republicans. The final vote was 228-205 against. What you did not hear is that 13 members of the Congressional Black Caucus, which would have provided a victory, voted against the bill as well.

Why you might ask?

They wanted a provision in the bill that would radically change our bankruptcy laws allowing judges to not only reset the interest rate on a home mortgage but also but also let judges reset the principal on the loan. The Democrats already tried this earlier in the year and it failed with HR3609. Here is what the Mortgage Banking Association said about this potential change:

"By allowing judges to rewrite loan contracts and provide whatever relief they individually deem appropriate, HR 3609 would cast doubt on the value of the asset against which the mortgage loan is secured. As a result, lenders and investors would likely demand a higher premium for offering these loans. This premium could come in the form of higher fees, a higher interest rate or the requirement for a larger down payment, all of which would serve to make the American dream of homeownership less attainable for many Americans."

Obama made many calls to those members of the Congressional Black Caucus who voted "no" between the first vote that failed on Monday, September 29th and the second vote that succeeded on Friday, October 3rd. He promised them that if he was elected he would help pass it early next year. The thirteen switched their votes.

To all the young Obama acolytes, I would say better start saving because the down payments are going to go back the good old days of 20 percent and higher interest rates will be the norm so that banks can recover what they will lose in the bankruptcy proceedings of the bad risks.

Bring Back the Fairness Doctrine – Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats have made no secret of the fact that they want to re-institute the Fairness Doctrine. The Fairness Doctrine was established in 1949 and it required that contrasting viewpoints be presented on the public airwaves. In 1985 the Reagan Administration through the FCC got rid of this doctrine and Democrats have made numerous attempts since then to get it reinstated.

A reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine would be a mortal blow to talk radio, currently the only media that conservatives dominate. But have no fear ditto heads, Rush would simply move to satellite radio and he won't have to give a damn about the FCC and he will be bigger than ever.

This is all a plan to stifle dissent and ensure that the mainstream media returns to dominance which would not be good for Republicans. If you liked how the mainstream media promoted neophyte Barack Obama to near mythic status while tearing down a true American hero, John McCain, imagine what they could do to conservative voices if they reinstate the Fairness Doctrine. Somewhere Stalin is smiling.

It's Bush's Fault – Democrats still need George Bush. Since the economy is not likely to turn around very quickly, it is vital to the Democrat's plans that they have a scapegoat for why things aren't getting better. They will continue to vilify and blame Bush and Republicans for all that is wrong at least through the mid-term elections in 2010. On the one hand they will push their Euro Democratic agenda, and on the other blame Republicans. Before the people know what has hit them it will be too late….

Finally you will hear much talk about "bipartisanship" and "reaching out to Republicans". The media will push this narrative ad nauseam in the next few months, and label Republicans obstructionist if they don't bow down and accept it. It will be all for show and will only last until after the Inauguration. After that Pelosi and Reid with Chicago political enforcer Rahm Emanuel doing the dirty work, will run roughshod over the minority Republicans who will have tire marks on their backs from where they have been run over….

Looks like a fun 4 years. If…

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