Victim of a violent crime? California may have money for you.

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CAPITOL WEEKLY PODCAST: In the wake of the horrific January 21 shooting that killed 11 people in Monterey Park, Gov. Newsom visited hospitalized survivors.  His conversation with one patient revealed an added stress for survivors of gun violence and other violent crime: the inability to cover expenses incurred or wages lost due to the incident.

“The first thing [the patient] said to me is, ‘How many days I’m going to be in here?’ And I immediately asked the doctor to come in.” Newsom recalled. “And it wasn’t for medical reasons. He was asking financial. He said, ‘I can’t afford to be here. I got to get out of here. I don’t have the money.’ And then the next question he asks is, ‘What can I do tomorrow? I’m supposed to be at work.'” (KJ Hiramoto, Fox 11)

The good news is that California has a program in place to help in exactly these types of situations. The California Victim Compensation Board was established in 1965 to provide victims of violent crimes with financial resources to cope with the impact of the crime. Crime victims (and others impacted by a violent crime, including relatives, caregivers and witnesses) who have been injured or were threatened with injury can apply for compensation, including funeral expenses, medical expenses and lost income.

We’re joined today by Executive Officer Lynda Gledhill, who tells us how the compensation process works, how it’s funded and about other work the CalVCB does to help crime victims. Plus, we tell you who had The Worst Week in California Politics.

Need more information? Visit https://victims.ca.gov or call 1-800-777-9229

Show Notes:

:53 How the state of California helps victims of violent crime

1:34 The mission of the CalVCB

2:59 The fund can support more than the direct crime victim

4:03 Where does the money come from?

5:19 How many people use the fund?

7:02 Applying for help

9:03 How long does the process take?

10:10 Re: violent crime

15:01 Compensation for victims of forced sterilization

19:98 Victims.ca.gov

21:48 #WWCA

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