Twitter’s “realassemblyman” – Bruce Young

CAPITOL WEEKLY PODCAST: On today’s episode we were delighted to speak with the realassemblyman himself, former California legislator Bruce Young. Young’s Twitter persona “realassemblyman” is an essential follow for those intrigued by California politics. Young, a Willie Brown lieutenant, uses his Twitter account to weigh in on the topics of the day – and yesterday – with knowledge and insights that only a true California political insider could have.

We enjoyed a rollicking interview about the realassemblyman account, his adventures in the legislature and Willie Brown’s leadership lessons – and he joined us for the wildest “Worst Week in California Politics” conversation we’ve ever had. Hang on!

Episode Notes

1:09 Tell us about realassemblyman

3:24 Obligatory Alex Vassar reference

3:35 The Berman – McCarthy – Brown Speakership fight

4:36 “It’s 41 votes, Bruce, not 41 Democrats…”

6:04 How did Brown get Republican votes?

7:45 Pat Nolan vs. Willie Brown

9:00 “Why the hell is Willie Brown raising money for Republicans?”

10:12 “Willie is so misunderstood…”

12:16 “You don’t leave someone with that much talent with nothing to do…”

12:52 What about the current Speakership fight?

19:31 “Revolution is revolution”

22:35 Then and now

26:02 “Don’t get too wound up – you’re voting for this”

27:52 What piques realassemblyman’s interest?

32:49 #WWCA

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