The Skinny

It’s that time of year again. Time for the battle of the ballot-designation
lawsuits. A judge disallowed former Assemblyman John Dutra‘s attempt to have
“State Assembly member Emeritus” as his ballot designation after the Ellen
campaign objected. Dutra responded with a countersuit against
Corbett, challenging her designation as “attorney/college professor.” A
Sacramento Superior Court judge threw out the case, allowing Corbett’s job
description to stand. “Dutra’s lawsuit was frivolous and without merit,”
stated Corbett’s campaign consultant Parke Skelton. “It was a mean-spirited
attempt to strike back at Corbett because the secretary of state rejected
his illegal ballot designation. Dutra, as leader of the Mod Democratic
Caucus in the State Assembly, is completely preoccupied with tort reform and
eliminating what he deems frivolous lawsuits. He needs to start practicing
what he preaches.” Meanwhile, Tony Strickland filed suit against Abel
. Maldo, who is running against Strickland for state controller,
tried to get the word “auditor” slipped into his job title, but Johnny Law
wasn’t having it.

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