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California must commit to making caregiving a career for the future

Photo by CGN089 via Shutterstock

OPINION – Caregiving became my second career the way it does for many women my age; my aging father needed my help. I had recently retired from the corporate world and my family had been relying on my care since we lost my mother at a young age. I chose caregiving out of love. Now,


Good child care: Listen to parents, kids, providers

An illustration of children at play. (Image: Nowik Sylwia, via Shutterstock)

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and that may be true. But this much we know for certain: for working families in today’s economy, it takes, if not a village, at least a solid team. The backbone of that team is parents, children and caregivers. Parents must work to afford housing, food and other necessities. Children require a safe, nurturing place to be when mom and dad are at their jobs.

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