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Strawberry growers pick on UC

Strawberries California Strawberries in a Castroville, Calif., field

It’s all berry interesting: Strawberry growers are literally being cheated out of the fruits of their labors by the University of California, according to a lawsuit filed against the Board of Regents by the California Strawberry Commission. UC Davis is ending its strawberry breeding program and replacing it with a private company created by its two long-time strawberry researchers. (Photo: Dana Payne)


Ghost of Schwarzenegger stalks Brown administration over lease-back

Another possible outcome in favor of California First that does not require specific performance (the completion of the deal) would still cost the state hundreds of millions. According to Agrusa, it is possible that the court would rule to provide the real estate group with monetary damages equivalent to the earnings California First would have reaped had the deal gone forward.

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