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Clean renewable hydrogen is critical for decarbonizing California

Hydrogen storage, image by Audio und werbung

OPINION – California’s effort to accelerate the development and deployment of clean, renewable hydrogen projects and infrastructure reflects our unique approach to establishing innovative projects in major transportation and goods movement zones across the state, thereby helping to green the transportation corridors throughout the region.


Maximizing California’s Emission Reductions

Image by Oleksiy Mark via Shutterstock

OPINION – California has positioned itself not just as a national leader in reducing carbon emissions, but an international model. The state recently achieved another in a long stretch of milestones by securing EPA approval to mandate that half of all heavy vehicles sold in the state be electric by 2035. However, in this instance, the


Renewable gas: A sound option to fight organic waste

A portion of a plant that produces gas through the breakdown of organic waste. (Photo: Bertold Werkman, via Shutterstock)

OPINION: Let’s play a game: what would you do with 25 million tons of organic waste annually? Here are a few tidbits to spark your imagination: Organic waste includes food and green waste, landscaping and pruning waste, lumber, fiber, sewage and sludges.

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