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California needs a comprehensive plan for air quality

Morning pollution over Longt Beach. (Photo: Katharine Moore, via Shutterstock)

OPINION: We all have witnessed the devastation of climate change. As I write this, our California neighbors in Napa, Sonoma and up north are losing homes and businesses to wildfire. Every year, wildfire season is more severe than the year before. But the ravages of wildfire are not the only harmful result of climate change that is impacting us.


California throttles down small-engine pollution

A landscaping worker trims a bush with a gas-powered machine while a technician monitors the air quality for FairWarning. (Photo: Stuart Silverstein)

New California rules aimed at curbing the surprising amount of pollution coming from leaf blowers, lawn mowers and other small gas-powered machines cleared a final hurdle Monday, and are set to take effect on Jan. 1. The requirements mark another step in the state’s long-running battle to reduce emissions from a category of small engines that have come to rival cars as a source of smog-forming pollution.

Experts Expound

Experts Expound

“A perky Jerry Brown delivered his State of the State Address today. He targeted the education bureaucracy, extolled the virtues of teachers and said overhauling environmental regulation is necessary. Your thoughts?

More notable is that a California governor intentionally quoted Oliver Wendell Holmes, Genesis, FDR, Montaigne, William Butler Yeats, paraphrased Aristotle and described the diet

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