In the movies, the aliens are poised to invade Los Angeles – actually, we thought they had already arrived – and political operative Chris Lehane knows an opportunity when he sees it. Lehane, once dubbed the ‘master of disaster,’ is representing the city of Vernon in its well-heeled fight against Speaker Pérez’ bill to strip the city of its official status. Vernon, it turns out, may be small but has a big wallet, a perfect combination. When Sony Pictures’ “Battle: Los Angeles” premieres this week, viewers also will be treated to Lehane’s “Vernon Works” trailer, which will accompany the main film. It’s all part of Vernon’s communications blitz to appear like David against the Capitol’s Goliath – and it will likely be more entertaining than the Oscars. Anyway, if Lehane can handle Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, he can surely handle Hollywood… 

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