Vaccination bill dismantles parents’ informed consent

Citizens are polarized by Bill SB277, requiring government schedules and mandatory vaccinations for all children in California public and private schools. Immunization rates are optimum. So, why do we need SB277?

SB277 removes the right of informed consent from California parents. It slid through the Senate Floor on a Democratic Party line, and paused briefly at the Assembly Health Committee Hearing June 9th, drawing over 5,000 people in protest to the Capitol stairs and hallways of Sacramento. Its next stop, this week, the Assembly Floor Vote.

If parents in California knew what was going on with SB277 they would be outraged!

The authors of this bill mislead the public and elected officials to quickly pass this bill, like manipulating last minute shifts of costs onto school districts, to strategically bypass Appropriations. Merck needs California. After California, it will spread nationwide. Parents need to know SB277 facts.

If there is any risk, there must be a choice. Senator Gaines testified that following vaccination, his sixth child experienced brain demyelination. Under Bill SB277, parents of vaccine-injured children are still required to vaccinate their other children. The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 protects Merck and other pharmaceutical companies from legal liability, transparency of ingredients, consequences of side effects, vaccine injury, and death. So, who then is liable for vaccine related injuries that will occur? Are school districts liable? Are lawmakers in the State of California liable? Who is liable?

California needs to allow Law AB2109 to continue succeeding. The Personal Belief Exemption rate dropped 20% since AB2109 became law 16 months ago. AB2109 “requires parents who request immunization exemptions to obtain signed documentation from a health professional that they have been informed of the benefits and risks of immunizations.” AB2109 raised “herd immunity” above the CDC’s recommended 92%. AB2109 has solved the problem. Senator Pan says SB277 will fix a problem that does not exist. So, why do we need bill SB277?

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate? That is not the question! This bill forces families out of California schools and forces them to home school, even for delaying one vaccination! This bill could force families out of California. SB277 strips religious freedom and ignores ethical objections of California parents. Tax dollars used to educate our children will be drained by settlements for vaccine related injuries. So, please remind me why we need this bill again?

Take action to preserve your rights, contact your Assembly Member and Governor Jerry Brown today and tell them you oppose SB277.

Ed’s Note: Stefanie Dumont is an Encinitas-based activist opposing mandatory vaccination.


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