No. 38: Capitol Weekly’s Top 100

Illustration by Chris Shary

38. Rex Frazier

Unless you’re an insurance-industry executive, a McGeorge School of Law student or closely follow California politics, you’ve probably never heard of Rex Frazier. But he’s an important figure in California politics and is well-known in the Capitol. Frazier, a former deputy insurance commissioner, is the president of the Personal Insurance Federation of California, and one of his jobs is to get legislative candidates elected who will be favorable — or at least, neutral — to the insurance industry. That entails moving money around, and Frazier has access to it. PIFC doesn’t have a lot of members, but the ones it has count — such as State Farm, Allstate, Mercury, Liberty Mutual — and Frazier gets them a bang for their buck. He’s also an adjunct professor at McGeorge School of Law.

Updated Aug. 15, 2o18

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