Q-and-A with Greg Geeting

What role does the state have in charter schools?

The state Department of Education provides or maintains a numbering system so that each charter school that is locally approved, or approved at the state level, receives a number that fits into the overall scheme, the cap, that the state devises. There is a statewide cap on charter schools. It’s a very generous cap, so we aren’t anywhere reaching it.

Does the state license local charter schools?

The technical answer is no. Chartering in California, at least in the beginning, is a local decision. Most chartering in California is local, about 98 percent local. Two types of districts charter schools: the school districts and the county departments of education. They are the ones empowered under the law to approve charters.

Does your office review the charter schools for quality?

We do a screening process of our own and impose further regulation.

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