Political Fortune: Susan Kennedy

NAME: Susan Kennedy
JOB: Chief of Staff
DOB: July 17, 1960
PLACE: Wayne, NJ
SIGN: Cancer

Irrespective of her political leanings, Susan Kennedy is an eminently
practical person, with Saturn–ruling pragmatism–rising in the sign of
Capricorn, and the Moon in the down-to-earth sign of Taurus. Desire for
prestige characterizes Capricorn, and the desire for money and possessions
characterizes a Taurus. These placings, plus key Saturn aspects, indicate
that “responsibility” is her middle name.

She can also be idealistic, with Neptune ruling the ideals conjunct to the
Midheaven of career, making her especially so at work. With the Sun ruling
her individuality and Mercury ruling her mentality, in the security-minded
sign of Cancer, she is conservative by nature (which doesn’t mean her
political philosophy is conservative, however).

With three planets in the Seventh House of partnerships, including the Sun
and Mercury in the emotional, intensely personal sign of Cancer, she is best
off, in both her personal and political life, in partnership arrangements.
Bonding politically with a leader she respects may give her all the impetus
she needs to be successful, regardless of that individual’s political party.

Ms. Kennedy is a natural leader herself with two planets in the leadership
sign of Leo and with a strong, angular Sun. The emphasis in her chart on the
signs Capricorn, Taurus and Cancer incline her toward business acumen. With
the Sun, Mercury and Ascendant in cardinal signs, she is particularly
designed to initiate new activities (in her case, of a political nature).

She is a hard-working, assertive person, shown by many aspects to Mars, the
planet most associated with competitiveness and energy. With Mars in almost
exact conjunction to the Moon, ruling the emotions, she can be emotionally
assertive, likely too assertive at times, especially as Mars is also in
exact square to Uranus, the planet ruling sudden outbursts of temper. She
has the power to be quite diplomatic, however, with Venus in the Seventh
House; she can speak well before groups, with Mercury conjunct Venus, and
has the power to debate well.

With the Sun and Mercury in opposition aspect to Saturn, she has had to work
unusually hard to get where she is politically, probably having to overcome
innate inhibitions along the way relating to her mind (Mercury) and
character (Sun). Hard Saturn aspects restrict until overcome. Assets
continually appearing in her astrological makeup are: loyalty and
protectiveness (Cancer), practicality and determination (Taurus),
tenaciousness with business acumen (Cancer), ambition and responsibility
(Capricorn), and dependability and reliability (Taurus).

Perhaps her greatest challenge is that Venus squares Neptune by just four
degrees, indicating a tendency to be too trustful in personal relationships
and/or confusion as to the solidity or meaning of certain relationships.

Too, oppositions from her Seventh House to her First House imply that she
has to or has had to make difficult choices between her personal life (First
House) and her public life (Seventh House).

As interesting as her natal chart is, her present transits (future
prognostications) are equally so, particularly because so many elements are
operating. Pluto transiting her natal Jupiter (a once-in-a-lifetime transit)
implies that the time is right for: (1) obtaining power positions in groups,
(2) an important change in philosophical outlook–take your pick or both.

Another powerful but not so positive transit is Neptune transiting her natal
Uranus by opposition, implying: (1) personal life disrupted by political
events, (2) difficulty obtaining the cooperation of others, (3) difficulty
dealing with organizations due to confusion–take your pick of one or all.

A more positive, as well as another long-term transit, is Saturn transiting
her natal Uranus by conjunction, implying: (1) increased responsibility
within organizations, (2) positive and purposeful group activity–pick one or
both. One of her more positive short-term transits is Mars transiting natal
Uranus by conjunction, implying: (1) aggressive self-assertion and
intensified will power bring success at this time, (2) resourcefulness in
new leadership positions–pick one or both.

Perhaps it all is in the stars!

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