Political Fortune: Rose Ann DeMoro

Rose Ann DeMoro is Executive Director of the California Nurses Association and has fought for campaign finance reform, quality nursing care, and a universal health care system that would benefit all Americans equally. Her passion for fairness and equality is reflected by the fact that she is a “triple Libra,” a most unusual horoscopic setup — the Sun (ruling her character), the Moon (ruling her emotions), and the Ascendant (ruling her personality) were all in the cardinal, air sign of Libra at the moment of her birth.

Compassion, empathy and sympathy are emphasized in her chart due to Neptune also rising in the sign of Libra (conjunct the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant). Perhaps, more importantly, the Sun, Moon and Neptune have almost all harmonious aspects, as does Venus, ruler of the rising sign. Practically speaking, this highly harmonious combination inclines toward the following traits: (1) leadership qualities, as Libra is a sign that initiates new activities, especially in her case as the Sun, ruling the ability to lead, is her strongest planet by position and aspect; (2) an inclination and ability to unify disparate groups through an innate ability to bargain effectively — the Libran aim, as mentioned, is for equality and fairness.

Her Libra combination of planets inclines toward idealism (Neptune also emphasizes this trait), the ability to be diplomatic, a zeal for justice (Libra is the sign of social justice), a strong social concern (Libra strives for social unity), the ability to communicate effectively (Libra is an air or communicative sign), and benefits from personal and/or business relationships (Libra is the sign of partnerships).

DeMoro has a strong chart, which is shown by many planets in angular houses, and a very harmonious chart as well (shown by many more harmonious than inharmonious aspects). These facts translate into the power to achieve her goals. She is especially outgoing as Jupiter, the planet of expansion, aspects nine of her ten astrological planets. Jupiter in sextile to the Moon and Neptune creates emotional sensitivity, and Jupiter in close trine to Venus (another positive aspect) imparts the ability to be popular, expansively friendly, and a people’s person.

Mercury, ruling the mentality, is in the intense, probing sign of Scorpio. Her natural tendency, therefore, is to want to get to the heart of every problem she tackles (her Libra planets also confer an analytical mind as Libra is an air (mental) sign). Venus, which rules the ability to create harmonious relationships has, as mentioned, may highly positive aspects, inclining her to relate harmoniously to others, generally speaking.

However, she has one afflicted planet (in astrological term), the planet Mars, which has more than a few inharmonious aspects. This usually indicates an intense, forceful, sometimes overly assertive side to her nature (at times) — just the opposite of her Libra virtues. But, perhaps, this feisty Mars side is exactly what she needs in her struggle against the Establishment to create the social justice we all so desperately need in this country. When combining the influences of Mars and Libra in her chart, her personality could be likened to an “iron fist inside a velvet glove.” Venus square Mars (an inharmonious aspect) implies personal relationships might be more of a challenge to her than relating to others in group activities as Jupiter, ruling groups, has almost all positive aspects.

Uranus, the planet of liberal thought and the drive for change is conjunct her Midheaven of occupation. This implies the desire for constructive change in her occupation (Uranus has harmonious aspects in her chart). She is inclined toward liberal thinking in general as Mercury, which rules the reasoning mind, is in very close trine (a very positive aspect) to Uranus. She has an unconventional streak to her character indicated by the Sun rising in square aspect to Uranus at the Midheaven.

DeMoro has an ideal planetary setup for either artistic achievement or appreciation of art, especially music or painting, as Venus (ruling aesthetics) and Neptune (ruling the arts) are both very strong and positively aspected in her chart.

David Jones has practiced astrology for 25 years. He teaches evening classes in astrology at Bucks County Community College near Philadelphia. He has published more than 20 articles on astrological theory in such astrology journals as Aspects Magazine and Mountain Astrologer. Send comments to djonesastrologer@hotmail.

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