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Political Fortune: Dennis Mountjoy

NAME: Dennis Mountjoy
JOB: Assemblyman
DOB: February 12, 1957
PLACE: Pasadena, CA
SIGN: Aquarius

With his sun in Aquarius and with Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, the strongest
planet in his chart, Assemblyman Dennis Mountjoy is freedom-loving and
highly individualistic. His choice of politics as a career conforms to his
chart, as Jupiter, ruling politicians, is in the tenth house of occupation
in Libra, the sign most associated with legal matters.

Mountjoy has the moon in Cancer. Both the moon and Cancer rule the home and,
as such, he would naturally be concerned with protection of the home, the
homeland and all matters relating to traditional family values and keeping
America free from foreign interference.

With the sun, Mercury and Venus in the second house of money, he also would
be concerned naturally with keeping financial matters in California under
control, especially as Saturn, ruling thrift and responsibility, is ruler of
his Capricorn ascendant (ruling the personality) and has all positive
aspects (a go-to-guy to keep the budget balanced).

He is naturally expansive in a positive way with Jupiter, the planet of
expansion, strongly placed in his tenth house in exact trine to Mercury,
ruling communication, making him philosophical and rarely at a loss for
words. He is also naturally popular as Jupiter trines Venus, one of the most
fortunate aspects to have as it draws people to him.

He is mentally conservative with Mercury and the ascendant in the highly
conservative sign of Capricorn, ruled by the planet of conservatism, Saturn.
Yet, with the sun in progressive Aquarius and his Uranus strong, he can be
highly innovative with regard to legislation. His conservatism is
accentuated by Venus and sun in signs co-ruled by Saturn.

His horoscope, however, contains elements that create food for thought.

Uranus, his sun ruler, has many close stress aspects, inclining him to be
too individualistic and too independent, giving him an excellent chart for
running his own business but inclining toward difficulties in a legislative
environment in which to be successful the spirit of compromise is usually

With Venus and Mars in exact square (a conflict) and both planets with many
stress aspects, if he is not careful he could alienate many with behavior
that is overly assertive, harsh and too demanding with a tendency to
introduce legislation before its time. Neptune, ruling ideals, is also in
conflict in his chart, suggesting confusion with regard to his political

Transiting Neptune conjuncts his natal sun (a once-in-a-lifetime aspect)
promises change for him over the next few years. The transit causes an
increase in creativity with regard to his profession, a tendency to become
involved in leadership roles in cultural institutions for the betterment of
society and a new spiritual philosophy, including psychological
transformation. Transiting Pluto trine natal Pluto in his chart also
inclines toward spiritual transformation.

If he had not chosen politics as a career, Mountjoy has an excellent chart
for running his own business (sun in Aquarius and strong Uranus), sales
(strong Jupiter) and for serving as a corporate executive (sun in Aquarius;
Jupiter at the Midheaven; two planets in Leo).

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