Political Fortune: Dave Jones

NAME: Dave Jones
JOB: Assemblyman
DOB: January 4, 1962
PLACE: Cheltenham, PA
SIGN: Capricorn

Obviously, anyone whose name is Dave Jones can’t be all that bad. As a
matter of fact, the birth chart of Dave Jones (the politician) is both very
harmonious (95 percent of his aspects are positive) and also powerful (many
strong conjunctions). This translates into an individual who can achieve his
aspirations much more readily than most.

Jones’ most powerful aspect is Uranus conjunct Pluto, with both planets
rising in the Ascendant (First House of personality). This means, in
astrotalk, that he is someone who is able to transform society (Pluto)
through progressive ideas (Uranus). I’ll expand on this aspect’s meaning
because it’s so dominant in his chart. According to astrology teachings
“this is an individual who, early in life, sees the inequities perpetrated
on the common people and wants to do something about them. He is by nature
innovative and inspired. He would want to work toward a new and better
social order, and he is deeply humanitarian. He wants to regenerate outmoded
social institutions.” Who am I to argue with the best astrologer? As this
conjunction is in the First House, he can achieve much through his
personality, especially since his rising sign is Leo, the sign most
associated with leadership (and also because the two planets in this
conjunction have all harmonious aspects).

Jones’ actions would seem to fit what I’ve communicated about him, as his
accomplishments and efforts as a freshman assembly member center around such
issues as improving the treatment of minorities, the establishment of
self-help law centers, creating affordable housing and providing grants to
nonprofit legal organizations, among other humanitarian efforts.

Jones has four planets, including the Sun (ruling his character) and Mercury
(ruling his mentality) in the Sixth House of health. He would, therefore,
naturally be interested in health issues. It’s no wonder, then, that he’s a
member of the Assembly’s Health Committee. One of his ideas to improve the
health of Californians is to make sure that all newborns are screened for
hearing loss. He would appear to be the go-to guy on health issues.

With both the Moon (ruling his emotions) and the Ascendant (ruling his
temperament) in fire signs (Sagittarius and Leo, respectively), he comes
across as outgoing, enthusiastic and idealistic. These traits may obscure,
to some extent, the depth and seriousness of his character, as he has four
planets, including the Sun and Mercury, in the ambitious, practical, steady,
energetic sign of Capricorn. With six of his planets in earth signs, he is
unusually pragmatic despite a strong idealistic streak shown by many
positive aspects to Neptune. Mercury in Capricorn conjunct Saturn, ruler of
Capricorn, enhances his Capricorn characteristics.

Jones has three planets, including his Moon (ruling the emotions) in the
Fifth House, which rules children. Therefore, it’s no surprise that he’s
advocated many laws to improve the lives of children, such as making it
easier for former-foster-care youth to retain their government-financed
health care until age 21 and supporting bills to end child poverty and to
help build a children’s museum.

With Mars conjunct his Sun, Moon and Mercury, he can be very assertive, and
with Mars trine Pluto by just one degree, he has the capacity to work
unusually hard. Yet his many strong, positive Venus aspects make him
charismatic, amenable and easy to talk with.

His only challenge aspect is Jupiter square Neptune by one degree. This
aspect implies that he might be too trusting of others, or that some of his
liberal ideas may, to his surprise, not always be shared by some of those
he’s counted on–that he might be generous to a fault. This challenge aspect
is ameliorated, however, as Neptune has all positive aspects to other, more
important planets, indicating that the energy of this planet may take its
natural path toward concern with helping those less fortunate than himself.

It has been said that we ought to try to keep up with the Joneses. However,
this is one Jones who may be hard to keep up with in the years ahead.
David Jones has practiced astrology for 25 years. He teaches evening
classes in astrology at Bucks County Community College near Philadelphia. He
has published more than 20 articles on astrological theory in such astrology
journals as Aspects Magazine and Mountain Astrologer.

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