Personnel Profile: May Tucker

May Tucker is currently an intern with Assemblyman John Benoit’s office. She has an extensive background in music education, is certified as a national and international tour management professional and has directed scores of musicals for local theatre groups. After raising her son, Preston, as a stay at home mom, Tucker recently returned to the working world.

Capitol Weekly: You have a doctorate in Education Administration and you also co-founded a nonprofit called International Studies America to promote cultural exchange with students from China. Why did you decide to take an internship with Assemblyman Benoit’s office?

May Tucker: A good part of my identity for years has been as a musician. I was a [music] teacher, but I didn’t want to spend my time in the classroom anymore. After raising my son, who is 13 now, I’m kind of resurfacing and looking to go into a new career. I feel that I can help make broader education changes at the Capitol, where school policy is set, than as a teacher in the classroom.
How would you describe your experience working in the Capitol?

I really enjoy it. So far I’m learning my ropes. I feel like I’m getting to know people and can appreciate all the grunt work.

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