Personnel Profile: Judyth Vary Baker

Judyth Vary Baker is the author of “ME & LEE: How I Came to Know, Love and Lose Lee Harvey Oswald,” an autobiography claiming Lee was an undercover agent actually trying to prevent the Kennedy assassination, but was ultimately framed.

How did you come to know Lee Harvey Oswald?
Lee was a very special person – he was nothing like how he’s portrayed as the lone nut and all this. We met at a post office, and I think now that he was sent there to protect me. I had been invited to come to New Orleans by some important people to conduct cancer research.

If you look at the book, “Me & Lee,” we had an extraordinary journey working with Nobel Prize winners and doctors at the top of their field, even though I was only 19 years old. Unfortunately, that made me someone who could be used as an untraceable asset by the CIA in their attempts to kill Castro with a biological weapon. When I first got involved I wanted to cure cancer, and here I was designing ways of making cancer more deadly.

Lee, at the time, was using various pro-Castro pretenses so he could attract people who were pro-Castro in New Orleans and infiltrate them as a spy and report them, like Guy Banister, to the CIA.

How did targeting Kennedy become a plan?
You have the CIA, right-wing elements, and the military all cooperating. They got rid of Arbenz down in South America. You have this killing machine set up, they know how to get rid of statesmen, and a lot of these same elements despised Kennedy. When they couldn’t get rid of Castro after all their attempts, they had the machine re-readied to kill Kennedy. Because Lee was involved in the effort to kill Castro, he was privy to people involved with the Kennedy plot. And because he wanted to save the president’s life, he infiltrated the group.

Lee knew he was being set up and probably wasn’t going to get out alive, because they had invited him, along with world-class shooters, to kill Kennedy, and Lee wasn’t that good a shot. But he told me that if he stayed at the Texas School Book Depository there would be one less bullet shot at Kennedy. He was actually part of an abort team that tried to save the president’s life.

Some people say, “Oh come on, maybe he’s innocent, but surely he didn’t do much to try and save Kennedy.” Well, Abraham Bolden said that a man named “Lee” contacted the FBI in Chicago, and because of that four men were arrested and Kennedy’s life was saved there. You have a telex that was sent to the New Orleans office, and a couple other offices, saying that a right-wing extremist group was going to kill Kennedy in Dallas. All of this was ignored. You have poor Kennedy out there with no car in front of him; his doctor has been removed from his car. It’s disgusting to see how little protection he had.

They shot Kennedy from the front, and you know, his head is thrown back, and then you have the media and Dan Rather saying he saw his head thrown violently forward by a bullet from behind. In less than 24 hours, before the evidence even reached D.C., Hoover said Lee was the only one involved.  

Why did you decide to come forward with your story?
I came forward in 1999. It was on the History Channel, a whole documentary, but after it was shown about five times you have LBJ’s former aide and widow protesting. You have Gerald Ford, who was on the Warren Commission, saying, “get it off the air.” You have a long trail of witnesses who are dead, some of them my friends. I stayed quiet because I thought there was so much evidence that came up that I wouldn’t have to speak out. But now I have to because nobody is doing it.

I’ve had death threats. I’ve had to live in exile. After I spoke out in 1999 I lost my roots, I lost my job, I lost my health. I do this because I loved him, and the world needs to know the truth.

Why should this matter today?
Occupy Wall Street, and all these new movements, are connected to what’s happened to our country, what’s happened to our world, since Kennedy was destroyed. Kennedy was one of those, for example, who printed real money. Five billon dollars worth of it. After his death they confiscated all this money and it went to the Fed and the banking system that is so corrupted and has so decimated the middle class. They aggregated to themselves the power and glory.

People used to trust the government, but now we know the government just tells us what they want us to hear. The standard of living, the great dreams of the Kennedy administration, everything’s twisted around. People credit Lyndon Johnson with the Civil Rights Act, when that was Kennedy’s bill that was before Congress, which, after Kennedy died, Johnson pushed through as a sympathy act.

You must look at the government, the people who took over our country. So much has been taken from us. People are going to look back and see who did this. It started with the Kennedy assassination and the blaming of an innocent man.

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