Personnel Profile: Alicia Hawkins

So how did you become a Raiderette?
I started dancing when I was very young. My mother enrolled me in classes at the local studio, where I trained from the time I was six until I graduated from high school in tap, ballet, jazz, and many other forms of dance. When I started college, I soon found that I missed dancing and found time to fit it into my schedule. I met a member of the dance team, who told me that they were still looking for additional team members and I decided to give it a try. It was my first exposure to dancing for sports teams, football, and basketball.

It was wonderful to combine my love of dance and my interest in sports. So when I graduated from college, I felt that I still wanted to pursue dance, and what better way than by auditioning for my favorite team, the Raiders! So I went to the open audition that is held every year, and the rest is history!

Tell me about some interesting experiences you had in that job.
As a lover of sports, of course, being on the field with some of today’s greatest football players including Jerry Rice and Brett Favre was thrilling. I was humbled to honor Raider legend Gene Upshaw upon his passing. Witnessing John Madden’s induction into the Football Hall of Fame was incredible. I was also able to travel to Mexico City twice with NFL Mexico, promoting American football in the country. I’ve traveled to Hawaii with the team every year to shoot our annual calendar and been featured in several beautiful photos in that calendar.  

I have witnessed some incredible games, some heartbreaking games, sweltering games, raining games and moments that will live on in my memory forever. I’ve seen millions of smiles from fans, but the one that was most memorable was that of a make-a-wish child whose wish was to see a Raider football game. Not only was he able to attend the game, but he was on the field during pre game warm ups, and was able to meet two of the Raiderettes personally. I was lucky enough to be one of those two. The smile that beamed across his face that day was as bright as the California sunshine that shone down on us that day. I’d have to say that was the highlight of my career.     

It says in your Raiderette bio that you went to Sac State. Are you from this area?  
I was born and grew up in the Sacramento area. I attended Casa Roble High School in Orangevale, and am a Sacramento State Alumni. My father works at Folsom Prison and my mother is now retired from working for the state and living in El Dorado Hills. I really love the Sacramento area.  

How did you end up in Steve Knight’s office?
I have worked previously for the legislature. While in college I worked for the Senate, as a security technician with the Sergeant-at-Arms office. After I graduated I was hired by the California District Attorneys Association as an executive administrative assistant. After three and a half years with that organization, I decided to make a move back into the building. With the addition of many new members in an election year, it was the perfect time to come back and luckily with the contacts I had made working in the building before, I was able to find my way into Assemblyman Knight’s office.  

Why did you decide to give up being a Raiderette?
I spent four wonderful seasons with the team, and experienced so much. I made some of the most incredible friends and last year had the honor of being named a co-captain. But my life is here in Sacramento. After four years of consistent driving back and forth to the Bay Area 3-4 times a week, I knew my time with the squad was complete. I accomplished everything I wanted to achieve with the team and while my heart will always be with them, I know it is time to pass the torch on to other Raiderettes. When auditions were held in April, I did feel a pang of jealousy for those women who tried out and ultimately made the squad, but it passed quickly and I am very happy with where I am and what I have accomplished.  

What’s your long-term career goal?
With my education and interest in criminal justice, public safety is a passion I would love to pursue. Legislation in that area highly appeals to me. Making the communities we live in safer for all citizens is very important to me. But beyond that, the most important career goal I have is to be a devoted and caring wife and have a happy, loving family.

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