Capitol Weekly’s Top 100: Paul Mitchell

Illustration by Chris Shary

71. Paul Mitchell

Digging deep into the California electorate and coming up with data showing often-surprising truths is Paul Mitchell’s forté, and he does it right. You learn more about California election trends reading him than any other person we can think of. Mitchell is the vice president of Political Data, Inc., known as PDI, and he’s the owner of Redistricting Partners, which has been very busy indeed since our last Top 100 list, with Paul closely tracking the independent redistricting commission that drew the maps for this year’s elections. PDI, had been a bipartisan purveyor of campaign data for 30 years, but last year went Democrat-only. Mitchell uses the state’s voter registration file to pose email survey questions to thousands of voters – a move that usually means that we’ll get dozens of calls from irate readers demanding to know how their voting data has been breached. (Memo to all: It hasn’t. Voter registration is a public record.) Mitchell is married to Jodi Hicks (No. 30), the head honcho at Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California.

Updated Aug. 9, 2022

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