Letters To The Editor

Dear Editor,
Shark finning, as currently practiced, is truly barbaric, wasteful and unsustainable. To allow it is sinful towards posterity and shameful for any civilized people.
Jeffrey Caldwell,
Horticulture consultant, San Jose

Dear Editor,
Kudos to Assemblyman Paul Fong for putting environmental protection and animal welfare ahead of his own cultural tradition (“Paul Fong to introduce bill to ban shark fin soup,” 2/10).  A reported 100 million sharks are slaughtered in this brutal trade every year.  And for what?  Soup and superstition, God forgive us.
And shame on Senator Leland Yee for his opposition to this much-needed legislation.  Not only is he morally wrong, I daresay his stance will not serve him well in his run for the mayor’s office in San Francisco this fall.  The majority of his would-be constituents are in support of Assemblyman Fong’s legislation, whether of Asian descent or not.
Eric Mills, coordinator
Action for Animals, Oakland

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