Letters To The Editor

Dear Editor,

Thank you for your story, “Cristo Rey High interns experience work life in the Capitol” (Capitol Weekly, March 25). As a Third House firm administrator currently hosting a student, we have found the experience to be as much of a reward for us as for the student. Not only does this intern provide support during the hectic Legislative Session for our team, but we are given an opportunity to contribute to a student’s development, enthusiasm and encouragement that their dreams can be met. Families would not otherwise be able to afford to give their children this type of work-study program if not for the efforts of CRHS and local sponsors. I encourage other Third House firms to look into this program and consider the rewards of sponsorship.

Lindsay Crane,


The Gualco Group, Inc.



Dear Editor,

Rodeo season is upon us, and with it the Mexican-style rodeos called “charreadas,” common throughout California. Charreadas feature nine standard events, several of them especially brutal. One, “horse tripping” (aka “manganas”), was outlawed in California in 1994. An equally cruel event, “steer tailing” (aka “colas”) was banned in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties in 1993, but continues elsewhere. The steer’s tail, horns, even back may be broken, and sometimes the horses suffer broken legs when the steers run the wrong way. Not acceptable. In 1996, the Legislative Counsel of California issued a legal opinion stating, in part, “We think that a court could conclude, and in most cases probably would conclude, that this practice of ‘steer tailing’ is prohibited by Penal Code Section 597.” This legal opinion should put charreada promoters on notice, and inspire local Animal Control agencies to issue citations. A few court cases would help lay the groundwork for the needed state legislation to outlaw this cruelty throughout California.

Eric Mills,


Action for Animals

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