Letter To The Editor

Dear Editor,
Why are there budget cuts after budget cuts to California’s education system, to our state parks, environmental protection and to so many more of the institutions that had made California the best of our 50 states?  The reason is that our state government is not a democracy.  In our state, the majority is ruled by the minority. Necessary governmental investments in California’s future quality should be maintained with a majority of the legislature voting to close tax loopholes on the very wealthiest corporations in our state.  Democracy means majority vote decides.  

But California’s law requires a two-thirds approval by the legislature, so the Republican’s one-third minority blocks every attempt to raise revenue.  They have even blocked putting the issue to the people in a general election.  

Studies such as those by the California Tax Reform organization show how over $20 Billion could be raised to support our State, just by making those who have benefited most pay their fair share.  We need a democratic, majority vote on revenue relief solutions to our budget problem.
Bruce Joffe,

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