Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Interesting piece (“Dispute over live animal markets touches on state, local
and cultural differences,” Capitol Weekly, Feb. 16). Thanks for taking this

With all due respect, some clarification is in order: Of the two market
bills (Kuehl and Honda), only the Kuehl bill was supported by the humane
community. We opposed the Honda bill, considering it redundant (those laws
are already on the books), and a ploy to divert attention from the real
market problems. The Kuehl bill was co-sponsored by Action for Animals and
The Fund for animals. The Honda bill was pushed by the merchants. ‘Nuff

If you do a follow-up story, I hope you’ll not refer to us as “animal rights
activists.” This is decidedly NOT an animal rights issue. It’s a matter of
species depletion, environmental degradation, public health and safety,
diseased and parasitized animals, and horrendous animal cruelty. Surely
these are concerns for all of us.

I was sorry to see former Commissioner Sam Schuchat sullied in the same
sentence as Marilyn Hendrickson. They are worlds apart, and Sam has always
been one of the good guys in the eyes of the animal/environmental community.
Nor has the animal protection movement ever referred to the Fish & Game
Commission as “Squish & Maim.” That little sobriquet generally refers to the
Department of Fish & Game, and you usually hear it from the environmental
community, not the animal people. Sadly, the general public doesn’t
distinguish between the Department and the Commission. Maybe you could
educate a few folks on that matter next time.

Thanks again for your efforts. I see on the Commission website that the live
animal market issue is on the March agenda in Riverside.

Eric Mills
Coordinator, Action for Animals

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