Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

Regarding "Lawmakers Remain Skeptical As Governor Links Drought, Water Bonds" (Capitol Weekly, July 24), the suggestion that the water crisis does not affect all Californians is absolutely wrong.

As Governor Schwarzenegger has said, the state's lack of water hurts everyone – it hampers the ability to create jobs, build homes, and grow crops. Without immediate action, the drought and other water management challenges will hurt California's economy, environment and way of life; which is why the Governor has partnered with Senator Dianne Feinstein to propose a comprehensive water reform package on the November ballot.

The plan the Governor and Senator Feinstein presented the Legislature is a $9.3 billion investment in California's water system that will help meet the challenges that population growth and global warming pose to our water supply. It provides $3 billion for surface and groundwater storage so we can capture more storm water in the rainy season to help sustain our state in dry years. The plan also supplies billions of dollars to improve conveyance, repair the Delta's ecosystem, and increase conservation.

This compromise can help us maintain the reliable water supply California needs to grow and prosper. Now is the time for real water reform and finally there is a realistic plan of action to meet the need and urgency of Californians. With the cooperation of the Legislature, a comprehensive water plan will be put to the voters this November.

Lester Snow,
Department of Water Resources

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