Letter To The Editor

Dear Editor:
Senator Dutton is my representative in the California Senate, and I know from first hand experience, that he works hard for his constituents. However, on the issue of suspending AB32, I strongly disagree with his position, and here is why.

Today we are undergoing the most fundamental economic transformation since the Industrial Revolution. We are transitioning from dirty, fossil fuels to a clean energy economy. Though history shows there will be individual winners and losers, our economy will be stronger. How many people do you hear crying about the demise of the Model-T Ford or the electric typewriter? AB 32 is no different.

The fact is we need AB 32 more than ever to stimulate technological innovation and our ailing economy. Yes, we’re in a recession, but it’s a worldwide event caused by the financial meltdown and burst housing bubble, not something to blame on a California law that hasn’t even been implemented yet.

What’s more, California is not alone. Colorado, Ohio, Michigan and other states are investing heavily in their green economies. Should California lose the competition? I don’t think so. And beyond our borders, the whole world is watching, holding up California’s climate policies as a model and source of hope and inspiration.

AB 32 is a boon to California’s economy. Californians should just say no to the bad old days of dirty energy.

Jon Harrison,
Member, Redlands City Council, and former mayor

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