Letter To The Editor

Dear Editor:
 (RE: “In or Out: The Complex Rules of Political Residency,” Capitol Weekly, Oct. 28),
On Friday, Feb. 29, 2008, I witnessed Jim Nielsen, Doug LaMalfa and Sheriff Clay Parker chatting at the entrance to  the Tehama County elections office. I returned to that elections office and requested a copy of Jim Nielsen’s candidacy form. I knew this was his final day to file. After reviewing the form, I knew he failed to qualify to be a candidate, because he did not live in the Second Assembly District nor did he live in the mobile home at the stated address:  22475 Pomona Avenue, Gerber.

I was denied twice my Writ of Mandamus Petition to present my argument to a jury. Of all the so-called investigations, no one ever contacted me. Every public official from Robbie Anderson (State of California Elections Fraud Unit) to our Tehama County district attorney, sheriff, two judges and the 2009 Grand Jury quashed and protected Jim Nielsen.

I have a calendar log since March 15, 2008, stating in detail 108 drive-by checks of the address.

The Van Dykes vacated 22475 Pomona Avenue in December 2008 and moved to Corning. The trailer was then offered for rent. Later, the Van Dykes applied for a construction permit and began to build their house (not Nielsen’s) on the adjacent five acres. While during construction, I occasionally asked anyone working on the house if they ever noticed any activity at the trailer. Several workers said it looked empty to them.

Jim Nielsen’s people have vigorously attempted to bury the truth. His spin isn’t going to protect him much longer. When he filed, he lied and he cheated to win the Assembly seat. Then he did it again and was elected. I and many others want justice. No one is above the law.

Donald M. Bird,

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